1. Getting Off Sleeping Pills

    When I first came to Dr. Moorcroft, I was only able to sleep using Ambien. Through meetings with Dr. Moorcroft and doing the “homework” he assigned me, I no longer have sleep problems. I am able to get a good, sound nights sleep without medicines of any kind. If I do wake up in the night or have trouble falling asleep, I am able to use the tools he taught me to get right to sleep. Thank yo…Read More

    Tina Tray - Fort Collins, CO
  2. Teen Delayed Sleep

    A note from the father of high school student several weeks after I treated her for Circadian Sleep Phase Delay (difficulty getting to sleep until the early morning hours followed by difficulty waking in time to get to school). “… we could not be happier with (my daughter’s) progress. She has actually become quite conscientious about her sleep. Her grades and mood have never been better. …Read More

    Fred P. Stone, PhD, MSSW, MPA, LCSW - Clinical Associate Professor of Social Work
  3. Poor Sleep

    My name is Ardie Jones. I am writing this letter to thank Dr. Bill Moorcroft for helping me to gain some ground on my sleeping problems. I had many areas of problems pertaining to sleep. I have read everything about this issue that I could get my hands on, and all the ways to help myself but was not able to do it! Dr. Moorcroft told me the same things as I read and how to accomplish my goals. I…Read More

    Ardie Jones - Erie, Colorado