1. Guided Mindfulness with Acceptance Treatment for Insomnia (GMATI) Improved Sleep

    Dear Friends… My continuous lack of sleep caused tiredness, frustration, limitations and anger with myself. I knew I needed help and relief. Sleeping pills, CBD, sleep aids, potions and melatonin were completely ineffective. Blurry eyed, I googled sleep issues in my area and found an expert in sleep problems [Dr. Bill Moorcroft]. I thought Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would be helpful, however, …Read More

    Suzie Daggett https://www.suziedaggett.com
  2. Toddler Not Remaining in his Room During the Night

    Dear Dr. Moorcroft, As we mentioned to you over the phone in our follow-up, Nicholas’ sleep has improved tremendously since we first came to you. Several factors have contributed to the success: 1) seeing Mom AND Dad ask for help from an expert, Nicholas realized the importance of the problem 2) you have a gentle nature and are a calming presence, which Nicholas recognized and I believed respec…Read More

    Dena and Jeff Kemp (parents of Nicholas) - Thornton, Colorado
  3. Suffering from Adult Insomnia

    A few months ago I had the opportunity to attend a conference given by Dr. Bill Moorcroft on insomnia. After spending several years of suffering from insomnia and trying every sleep aid possible I decided to access the professional services of Dr. Moorcroft. Upon meeting Dr. Moorcroft I described myself as an “incurable insomniac”, and quite honestly, did not really think that he would be a…Read More

    Carmen Laws - Greeley, Colorado
  4. Dependence on Sleeping Pills

    Bill I would be happy to have you use me as a reference anytime. I have been singing your praises to everyone that has been so concerned about my sleeping problems and am learning that people generally don’t know anything about this kind of thing nor did I, even though it was taking quite a toll on my own life and well being. I discovered your website out of a desperate attempt to find some u…Read More

    Patricia Nay
  5. Sleep Medicines Not Work

    To all sleep deprived Coloradoans, Dr. Moorcroft has literally changed my life! I have suffered from extreme insomnia for about six years. I’ve seen many medical doctors for treatment of my condition. The only solution offered was prescription drug treatment. I tried about 9 different drugs (many SSRI antidepressants), none of which helped my sleep problem at all. The drugs caused me to becom…Read More

    James Sternesky - Morrison, Colorado
  6. Long Time Insomnia

    “After struggling for such a long time with insomnia I was doubtful that anything would help, but when I began to see results so quickly I became confident that I could overcome the problem, and sure enough I did.”…Read More

    Kelly Swan - Denver Colorado
  7. Adult Delayed Sleep

    Dr. Moorcroft, I’d like to express my gratitude for your assistance in getting my sleep pattern on a normal schedule. As you know, I’ve been dealing with sleep problems, specifically delayed sleep response for about 30 of my 43 years. Once I get to sleep I have little problem, but getting there was difficult and often impossible until I was exhausted. I have a high stress, long-hour job tha…Read More

    Tim W. - Berthoud, Colorado
  8. Adult Insomnia

    did enjoy and benefit from the insomnia workshop. I think the very most helpful to me was the sleep log which showed me in more specific detail my sleep habits. Also I have found it helpful to NOT look at the clock during the night but to focus on positive thoughts and relaxation. I’m very glad that I took your workshop and you were a great help.…Read More

    Judy Varco - Loveland Colorado
  9. Can’t Get 8 Hours of Sleep

    Dr. Bill Moorcroft Thanks for your help with my sleep concerns. I was very pleased with your professional approach, thorough investigation and treatment. I especially appreciated your educational explanation of my perceived problem and to why this is a typical situation for me. Since I now understand that how I sleep is ok, my sleep is much more satisfying. I also felt you were able to get righ…Read More

    S. M. - Fort Collins, Colorado
  10. Occasional Severe Insomnia

    This summer, my lifetime of occasional insomnia came to a head as I suffered night after night of 4 or less hours of sleep. The lack of sleep was starting to affect the quality of my life so I started searching for help. There is little out there besides a new generation of sleeping pills. While they sound like a fine solution, knowing myself and my addictive personality, I was deathly afraid o…Read More

    Kathaleen Recker - Grand Junction, CO