Toddler Not Remaining in his Room During the Night

Dear Dr. Moorcroft,

As we mentioned to you over the phone in our follow-up, Nicholas’ sleep has improved tremendously since we first came to you. Several factors have contributed to the success:

1) seeing Mom AND Dad ask for help from an expert, Nicholas realized the importance of the problem

2) you have a gentle nature and are a calming presence, which Nicholas recognized and I believed respected

3) you pointed out our inconsistencies in how we handle the sleep disturbances

4) you provided language to use with Nicholas when we have sleep disturbances and language to use when Nicholas spoke negatively about his sleep.

5) you offered an example reward system (similar to the one we used for potty training) which has been successful. Offering a reward after 4 nights was the perfect timing.

We have also been incorporating several relaxation books by Lori Lite, A Boy and a Bear: The Children’s Relaxation Book, A Boy and a Turtle, and The Goodnight Caterpillar . We bought ours from Amazon. The books are a great tool for bedtime and for learning self-control.

We would recommend you to anyone who has children with sleep disturbances. We had been struggling for almost 6 months and were unable to get a good night sleep. Seeking your help was the smartest thing we could have done for our ENTIRE family.

Thank you again for your help.

Dena and Jeff Kemp (parents of Nicholas) - Thornton, Colorado