Suffering from Adult Insomnia

A few months ago I had the opportunity to attend a conference given by Dr. Bill Moorcroft on insomnia. After spending several years of suffering from insomnia and trying every sleep aid possible I decided to access the professional services of Dr. Moorcroft. Upon meeting Dr. Moorcroft I described myself as an “incurable insomniac”, and quite honestly, did not really think that he would be able to help me.

After completing a very thorough medical history I was asked to keep a two-week sleep log. This was an important piece of my therapy for him to be able to fully analyze my sleep patterns. Upon analyzing this information it was suggested that I obtain a sleep study. After doing this the results were sent to Dr. Moorcroft. I have to say that his interpretation of the sleep study was well beyond what I received from the physician who provided the study. Dr. Moorcroft spent a lot of time explaining to me in detail the information received from the study. Along with the information retrieved from the sleep study Dr. Moorcroft also had me working on relaxation methods in addition to a technique called “imaging”. I feel like he provided me several different options to use to enhance my sleep.

I am now proud and very relieved to say that I am no longer an “incurable insomniac”. I am so thankful that I made the decision to attend the conference given by Dr. Moorcroft and to further access his services. I consider Dr. Moorcroft to be an expert in the field of insomnia. He was always willing to suggest many different options – always allowing me the decision of accepting or denying his suggestions.

Carmen Laws - Greeley, Colorado