Sleep Medicines Not Work

To all sleep deprived Coloradoans,

Dr. Moorcroft has literally changed my life! I have suffered from extreme insomnia for about six years. I’ve seen many medical doctors for treatment of my condition. The only solution offered was prescription drug treatment. I tried about 9 different drugs (many SSRI antidepressants), none of which helped my sleep problem at all. The drugs caused me to become more apathetic about my situation. However, my sleep did not improve! I tried herbs and natural supplements (they’re still drugs) only to find temporary relief. I refused to believe that drugs were the “only” answer.

In desperation, I was surfing the web and found out about Dr. Moorcroft. I met with Dr. Moorcroft and was delighted to hear that his treatment plan was just what I had been looking for. Dr. Moorcroft’s began by interviewing me about my insomnia. He asked detailed questions (about my insomnia) that had never been asked of me before. I learned more about sleep than I’ve ever known. His methods of cognitive behavioral sleep therapy deal with thoughts and behaviors that cause insomnia. If you believe (as Dr. Moorcroft does) that drug and herb therapies for insomnia are only temporary symptom relief, then you should consider this safe andeffective alternative.

Since seeing Dr. Moorcroft, my sleep time has almost doubled. I am feeling better, and I have a set of tools that will last for my lifetime to overcome insomnia. Dr. Moorcroft uses his kindness, compassion and vast subject knowledge very effectively to help sleep disorder suffers. I am so very thankful that I met Dr. Moorcroft.

James Sternesky - Morrison, Colorado