Occasional Severe Insomnia

This summer, my lifetime of occasional insomnia came to a head as I suffered night after night of 4 or less hours of sleep. The lack of sleep was starting to affect the quality of my life so I started searching for help. There is little out there besides a new generation of sleeping pills. While they sound like a fine solution, knowing myself and my addictive personality, I was deathly afraid of relying on a pill for a good night’s sleep. One night at 2 a.m. while desperately searching the internet for solutions, I came across Dr. Moorcroft’s website. The next day I made the call and after 8 short weeks I am happy to report I am sleeping soundly through the night. I know that I may have the occasional sleepless night, but now I am confident that I have the tools to ensure this does not become a bad habit again. Dr. Moorcroft showed me step by step how to structure my thoughts, my body and my environment for peaceful sleeping. I am forever grateful to him for this knowledge and would recommend him to anyone suffering from sleep problems. Thank you Dr. Moorcroft.

Kathaleen Recker - Grand Junction, CO