Guided Mindfulness with Acceptance Treatment for Insomnia (GMATI) Improved Sleep

Dear Friends… My continuous lack of sleep caused tiredness, frustration, limitations and anger with myself. I knew I needed help and relief. Sleeping pills, CBD, sleep aids, potions and melatonin were completely ineffective. Blurry eyed, I googled sleep issues in my area and found an expert in sleep problems [Dr. Bill Moorcroft]. I thought Cognitive Behavioral Therapy would be helpful, however, [Dr. Moorcroft] suggested we do a four-week course he created in mindful meditation. I was all in even if I could not connect the dots between insomnia and mindfulness.

Each day, I religiously did my homework, reading his material and doing one or two suggested meditations. Around the third week of mindfulness training, my urges to wake after one hour of going to sleep dissipated. My 20 year-old habit of poor sleep was replaced by mindful breathing and acceptance of the here and now. I successfully let go of my sleep frustrations and slept with ease and gratitude.

Mindfulness may sound like an esoteric approach for insomnia, but it works for me! I am free of the sleep restrictions garnered over many years. I love being able to sleep without being awake for three to four hours each night. Deep heartfelt gratitude is my first thought upon wakening. I am thrilled to exit the trap of insomnia and enter the world of being refreshed after a good nights sleep. What profound relief!

Suzie Daggett