Dependence on Sleeping Pills


I would be happy to have you use me as a reference anytime. I have been singing your praises to everyone that has been so concerned about my sleeping problems and am learning that people generally don’t know anything about this kind of thing nor did I, even though it was taking quite a toll on my own life and well being. I discovered your website out of a desperate attempt to find some understanding on the subject of sleep disorders and insomnia because my Doctor did not offer me any help except to replace the Ambient with other drugs to take the place of the one I needed to stop taking.

Having knowledgeable support through the process of letting go of my dependence on Ambien made all the difference. I felt you prepared me well to make the leap and I felt secure in doing so knowing that if it did not work you would give me further guidance. Doctors really need to know what you do for I have not found one yet who seems to completely understand the problems involved. I give myself some credit for not being satisfied with my own Doctor’s limited knowledge of how to deal with my sleep disorder. Giving people a prescription for sleep medication is never going to solve the basic problem. I wish I had discovered you years ago. I wish my Doctor could have advised me that I had a sleep disorder but there were options to taking medication. I did not even know of the term “sleep disorder” nor that there was non-medical help available. I am sleeping well, waking refreshed and positively thrilled to be doing that without dependence on a drug.


Patricia Nay