Adult Delayed Sleep

Dr. Moorcroft,

I’d like to express my gratitude for your assistance in getting my sleep pattern on a normal schedule. As you know, I’ve been dealing with sleep problems, specifically delayed sleep response for about 30 of my 43 years. Once I get to sleep I have little problem, but getting there was difficult and often impossible until I was exhausted. I have a high stress, long-hour job that requires a lot of domestic and international travel. I noticed I sleep better on European time than my own time zone. It got to the point that other health problems like hypertension and acid reflux disease were caused by or exacerbated by my sleep problem. My frustration level was very high. This definitely affected my life negatively.

Thanks to your advice and coaching, the light, darkness, melatonin, exercise, imaging, and delayed bedtime therapy all got me back on track…all within a few weeks! I’m very lucky to have a supportive wife, family, network of friends, and employer. This is very important. I haven’t slept a regular 7 or 8 hour night for an extended period of time for decades. I can’t explain how it changed my outlook, energy, and mood. My hypertension, although still high, is lower than it was and manageable with medication. I’m sure I’ll be able to maintain this pattern with the instructions for all the sleep therapies you have taught me. I will recommend you to everyone I know who suffers from sleep disorders. By the way, I think your rates are extremely reasonable for your services.

Thanks again!

Tim W. - Berthoud, Colorado