NOTICE: In these times of the COVID 19 social isolation, we would like you to know that we continue to do appointments for people with insomnia over the internet (TeleHealth) using the camera that is on most client computers. Telehealth appointments are easier than you might think and are as good as actually being in the same room. You will be sent directions on how to quickly install and use the free and secure VSee program

Inconvenient to get to our office in Fort Collins?

You can gain access insomnia treatment anywhere via the web

For web-based appointments we use VSee. This is like Skype or Google video calls but much more private and HIPPA-Secure. It is free to you and installs on your computer in minutes (you will be sent instructions) and is very simple to use (much easier than either Skype or Google).

‚ÄúResults of a randomized controlled trial demonstrate that CBT-I delivered through telemedicine is just as effective at improving sleep outcomes measured by sleep diaries, sleep latency, and time spent asleep. There also were no differences between the two delivery methods in patient perception of therapeutic relationship, warmth, of a and confidence in the therapist’s ability. Patients reported being equally satisfied with the treatment regardless of condition.” (Sleep Review, January 2020, pg. 35)

Contact us for more information and to schedule a telehealth appointment.