Regrettably, at this time we are not able to treat anyone younger than 18 years.

By far the most common sleep problem in teenagers is the Inability To Fall Asleep Until After Midnight or even Later

Followed by:

• Difficulty waking up.
• Trouble getting out of bed until late morning.
• Not feeling really awake and alert until evening.

Nothing seems to work to help the teen get to sleep sooner – not going to bed earlier, not sleeping pills, not even stricter rules. The problem is with the internal clock that helps regulate when alertness and sleepiness occur. In teens the setting of this clock (called the circadian clock) is sometimes shifted to much later in the day than at other stages of life. This can dramatically affect when nightly sleep can begin and when natural morning waking takes place.

The result can be:

• being late for school
• falling asleep in morning classes
• poor mood
• automobile accidents
• struggles with parents

The Solution

A sleep expert at Northern Colorado Sleep Consultants, LLC knows how to help a teenager reset their circadian clock to a more desirable setting. This requires a schedule precisely tailored to the individual’s sleep wants and needs. Sleep and wake times are carefully adjusted until they are desirable and easy to follow. This is critically supplemented by exposure to light and avoidance of light at strategic times. All of this is carefully monitored by the sleep expert until the desired sleep schedule is obtained.

A note from
the father of high school student several weeks after I treated her for Circadian Sleep Phase Delay (difficulty getting to sleep until the early morning hours followed by difficulty waking in time to get to school). “… we could not be happier with (my daughter’s) progress. She has actually become quite conscientious about her sleep. Her grades and mood have never been better. I am so impressed that I have thought about seeing you myself.
Fred P. Stone, Fort Collins, Colorado

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