The Problem

From the earliest time, the Ojibwe (the Chippewa Nation) wove dream catchers in hopes of screening out nightmares and letting only good dreams come to their children through the opening traditionally left in the center of the web of sinews.

If you are one of the more than five percent of adults plagued by nightmares, you know that they aren’t dealt with so easily. They can seem totally out of control, and they can seem to control much of your waking life as well.

You may know exactly what triggers your nightmares, or they may be unexplained. You may remember them in absolute clarity, or have only vague images upon waking. Always, though, your nightmares and bad dreams are disturbing, and can cause insomnia sleep disorder you need and negatively affect your waking hours.

nightmarespicThe Solution

Northern Colorado Sleep Consultants, LLC works individually with you to help you take control of your nightmares, reducing both their frequency and intensity. Applying techniques that have been developed, tested and proven, then further refined throughout the 1990s, we have seen some clients experience immediate results. For most, however, the improvements come over a period of several weeks. Most find that not only do their nightmares decrease in frequency and intensity, but that their waking lives improve as well.

If nightmares are disturbing to you or are interrupting, postponing or even preventing you from experiencing healthy sleep, contact us today to arrange an appointment with asleep doctor at our office in Fort Collins.

…We Can Help.