Does one or more of these fit you?:

• Problems getting to sleep?
• Unable to sleep through the night?
• Waking too early?
• Overly dependent on sleeping pills?
• Looking for an insomnia cure?

One in three adults identifies their insomnia as excessive and they do not know how to solve their sleep problems. One in ten identifies it as a serious problem. Women are 1½ times more likely to experience it, and it gets even more common as we age.

Insomnia is the inability to get an adequate amount of healthy sleep. It affects each individual differently, but it invariably results in complaints of daytime fatigue and compromised daytime functioning. It can also result in mood disturbances and even physical illness.

I have been dealing with sleep problems for about 30 of my 43 years. Getting to sleep was difficult and often impossible until I was exhausted. This definitely affected my life negatively. Your advice and coaching got me back on track within a few weeks. I now sleep a regular 7 -8 hours per night. I can’t explain how it changed my outlook, energy, and mood. I will recommend you to everyone I know who suffers from sleep disorders.
Tom W., Berthoud, Colorado.

The Cause

Anyone who has ever asked the question, “Why can’t I sleep?” knows that it’s often asked in a tone of frustration and even despair.

It’s a question for which there is no single answer. Usually several different factors combine to cause sleep insomnia. Some of us are more susceptible to it than others. Some of us actually develop habits that worsen our sleep over a period of time. Occasionally, chronic insomnia cannot be traced to any specific causes.

Thankfully, however, that doesn’t prevent you from being successfully treated. There is a good insomnia remedy.

Having knowledgeable support through the process of letting go of my dependence on sleeping pills made all the difference. I felt you prepared me well to make the leap and I felt secure in doing so. I am sleeping well, waking refreshed, and positively thrilled to be doing that without dependence on a drug. I wish I had discovered you years ago.
Pat N., Fort Collins, Colorado

One Solution

Often the treatment suggested is simply sleeping pills. This works for some but more and more people are questioning the wisdom of relying on sleeping pills every night. They may be experiencing unpleasant, sometimes dangerous side effects. For others they seem to lose their effectiveness or are too expensive. Some people do not want to rely on a pill to sleep.

A Better Solution

As an alternative, Northern Colorado Sleep Consultants, LLC uses well-researched and highly effective drug free “behavioral” solutions to treat insomnia . For example, a panel convened by the US National Institutes of Health ( determined that these methods are as effective as the temporary relief provided by sleeping pills yet are more permanent. For example, many research studies have shown that Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia (CBT-I) can increase the total amount of sleep per night by reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and the time awake after initially falling asleep as well as increasing the quality of the sleep obtained. Additionally, nearly all people reduced their sleeping pill use with nearly half stopping their use entirely. For some people with insomnia a different behavioral approach developed by Dr. Moorcroft called GMATI (Guided Mindfulness with Acceptance Treatment for Insomnia) works better.

By working one-on-one with a sleep expert, your treatment is specifically designed to meet your individual needs. During several sessions over a period of typically 4 to 8 weeks, you learn to get healthy sleep again with this natural sleep remedy. Improvement begins in the first few weeks and can provide a cure for insomnia that lasts a lifetime.

If medications prescribed by your doctor for other illnesses, or their side-effects, contribute to your insomnia, we work with your physician to modify your medication regimen to improve your sleep. If your problem is a dependency on sleeping pills, these methods can show you how to stop taking insomnia medication. If you have a sleep disorder (like sleep apnea, restless legs, or other problems), we will help you get it properly diagnosed and treated. If your insomnia is related to depression, anxiety, pregnancy, or menopause our sleep doctor can provide help.

I learned a series of steps and methods that allow me to feel that I am in control, able to prepare myself for relaxation and sleep. Even if I awaken during the night, I can reach into my mental list and find something to help me focus on getting back to sleep rather than worry about how I will function the next day. The quality of my sleep improved 100% What I’ve learned from Dr. Moorcroft are life skills that will serve me all my days and will continue to improve my sleep.
Stephanie A., Fort Collins, Colorado

If you find that healthy sleep is all too often escaping you, contact us today to arrange an appointment with a sleep expert for insomnia treatment at our office in the Fort Collins. If travel to our office is inconvenient, we can also do appointments using Telehealth (video calls over the internet that enable us to see and talk to each other just as if we were in the same room.) Let us show you how…

…We can help.