The Problems include:

• An Infant or toddler who consistently does not sleep through the night.
• A preschooler who resists going to bed or staying in bed.
• A grade-schooler who has insomnia, wets the bed, or has nightmares.
• Other forms of infant, toddler, or child sleep difficulties.

When insomnia or other sleep problems become frequent in a child, you and your child may need help. Many parents become concerned and frustrated about what to do. They may have tried many things only to find that they prolong or deepen the pattern they seek to change.

Sleep problems can occur at any age including:

• Baby sleep problems
• Toddler poor sleep
• Childhood Sleep Difficulties, Bed-wetting, or Nightmares

• Teens who have problems falling asleep and then problems getting up in the morning

The Solution

A sleep expert at Northern Colorado Sleep Consultants, LLC can work with you and your child on an individual basis to help you learn how to help your child. Often the solution is far simpler than you might imagine, and the results come more quickly than you may even have hoped. Whatever the sleep problems in your child, a sleep doctor can get you the help you need.

At 10 months of age our baby was still waking us up 5 times a night. We were so sleep deprived I felt like it was affected my ability to parent. We had one session with Dr. Moorcroft and took his advice. Within three days our baby was sleeping through the night. It was incredible.
A. F., Boulder, Colorado

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